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  • Risk Management studies for all risks which are insurable.
  • Cost benefit analysis of all policies, their correctness, adequacy and alternatives vis-à-vis your requirements
  • Periodical risk inspections to ensure that policies are correctly drafted at all times.
  • Continuous identification, analysis evaluation monitoring and treatment of your risks which threaten your cash flows, assets, liabilities and welfare plans to enable you to minimize your losses and maximize opportunities.
  • Loss Control measures and analysis of both insured and uninsured losses both for their intensities and probabilities.


  • Proposition of covers as per global standards.
  • Full protection of all assets and earning power at least possible cost.
  • Education of Client’s executives by way of seminars on latest developments, policy coverage, exclusion of perils, deductible levels and claims procedure.
  • Regular technical and administrative assistance.


  • Obtaining best quotations from insurers for your need based covers including rates, terms, conditions and coverage offered by them.
  • Selection of leading insurers based on their underwriting ability, financial stability, claims service, flexibility, and reliability pricing and local office authority.


  • Prompt notification of your claims to insurance company.
  • Establishing and documenting claims handling procedures, claims recording systems and preparation of claim documents.
  • Fair and timely settlement of claims.
  • Appointment of competent surveyors/ loss adjusters in time.
  • Monitoring performance of surveyors and claims department of Insurance


The ongoing reform activities clearly state that insurance is moving to service orientation. We at MADHUVAN always endeavor to win the trust of our customers and are committed to enhance customer satisfaction through

  • Quick Response
  • Designing Innovative Products to Suit Our Customers Needs
  • Being Cost Conscious, Arranging Insurance Policy at economical and most Competitive rate with optimization of cover.
  • Prompt settlement of claim.

SERVICE INNOVATION - Our main objective is to provide best qualitative services to customers, which can be achieved through better Risk Management Technique, continuous risk evaluation with emphasis on Risk Improvements and Cost reduction along-with better liaison and best co-ordination.

OPTIMIZATION OF COVER AND AWARENESS -  Our next major objective is to optimize the coverage of our customers, to continuously make them aware about the changes that takes place in insurance world, conduct insurance awareness programme for the executives who are dealing or are concerned with the insurance, further ensures that all exposure is covered which activities of business may bring.

VALUE ADDITION THROUGH NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Our next objective shall be to constantly design products by analyzing the risk, market trends and changes. We will ensure that all existing insurance policies comply with the rules and regulations wherever applicable, and prices are quoted according to tariff provision and existing market trend as applicable.


For rendering the above mentioned services, we would not be charging any Professional Fees, as we would get compensated from the Insurance Company, with whom your Insurance Policies are placed through us.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation"
MADHUVAN INSURANCE BROKING – An IRDA recognized Insurance Broking House

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