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Under the purview of this class of insurance, the risks associated with human life in general can be covered up to the limit specified. A person can insure his or her life and his health against any unplanned contingencies.
In event of his death, his dependants will be reimbursed to the full amount that he was insured for. Or if the insured person meets with an accident or suffers from an illness that cripples him forever, he will be compensated with the complete sum assured anyway since he may not be able to lead a normal life again.
In case, the accident is not that severe, he should be able to recover after medical treatment and rehabilitation. If he has opted for medical cover, then his medical expenses, treatment and medication will be paid for by his insurance policy.



Personal Accident

Considering the fact that modern-day life is so dangerous, perhaps it would be a good idea to take a look at personal accident insurance policies that are on offer. Accidents that disable can threaten livelihood and accidents that cause death can leave your family in a financial mess. Personal Accident Policies can be helpful in such times. The Personal Insurance Policy compensates the Insured in case of Accidental Death, Loss of limbs and eyes, Permanent Total Disablement, Permanent Partial Disablement and Temporary total Disablement.

Please contact your insurance advisor before taking any policy"


Health insurance is considered to be a part of the larger business set-up. In the case that a medical emergency arises, the cost of a hospital room rent, the doctor's fees, medicines and related health services usually work out to be a huge sum. It is in such time that having a health insurance policy ensures that you are provided with the much-needed financial relief.

Please contact your insurance advisor before taking any policy"

Overseas Travel

Going abroad? Busy with packing and making arrangements? But in this busy schedule have you ever thought about the contingencies/risks you may face while you are abroad. Contingencies can be a medical emergency or an accident or personal liability? Interestingly, if you look at the insurance packages, what is being offered today is not just health but a comprehensive package that ensures compensation and peace of mind when travelling abroad. Any pretty good travel insurance policy should provide coverage like medical expenses, expenses regarding travel delay, emergency return from journey, 24 hour emergency service assistance, accidental death during the trip, legal assistance or compensation to any baggage delay etc.

The policy for corporate is issued for a period of 1 year covering any number of visits within a year with each visit extending to a maximum of 45 days. However maximum period up to which one can be covered varies from company to company.

Please contact your insurance advisor before taking any policy"

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